Sunday, July 7, 2013


Photographed by : Lilian Wibowo. Zara TRF slit pink shirt, random silver necklace from Indonesia, Zara TRF bodycon skirt, Balenciaga Single tour, Michael Kors Watch, random bracelets from Topshop, Zara Nude Sandals)
Inspired by the song "Paradise" of Coldplay, this outfit is an inspiration to the ever beautiful Bali. Being raised and born in Bali is a great gift to me from God as it is a stunning place with mix of different cultures, nice beaches, cafes and scenery. The colors reflected on the clothes are primarily light pink, blue and silvers. The baby blue on my skirt reminds me of the blue colors of the beaches, and how the pink and blue blend well together creating a nice contrast on each other. WHile the silver adds a touch of elegance for a polished look.

It is simply casual wear which what most people in Bali wear just a shirt, and a skirt, it might be maxi skirt or even just a mini skirt which fits to the body and throw a pair of Havaianas and some cute little bracelets or necklace to complete the casual styled look. I paired them with the nude heels I just got from Zara around 2 months ago, which I think is really pretty and suit my skin well. Tell me what you think of this simple pretty look in the comments below! Thank you readers for staying with Fashionfelice!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Photographed by : Shah Bloober, H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection 2013 Dress, H&M White Rose Hairband, Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch, Topshop Diamonds Sun Ring Zara Vamp Heels, Salvatore Ferragamo Clutch Bow Bag)
Finally get to worn this dress for a special photoshoot. The theme this time is concentrating on glamour, elegance and classy which is shown in the selection of neutral black and white colors. I want these to look really simple but yet giving that elegant, sophisticated look at the same time as I am inspired making this look with Rihanna song "Diamonds" It is a beautiful, great song which fits the theme very well and the scenery here with how the light and shadows uniquely met truly give out the right atmosphere for the whole photoshoot and look.
The addition of the ring makes everything perfect too!
Tell me your views on this ultra, classy look here on the comments!


Monday, April 22, 2013

On Everyday Makeup!

Tonight I will be talking on "Beauty". As a fashion blogger, skincare and makeup place important aspects in creating good photos and enhance your image. So I will be showing basics and most used products of mine in make-up. 
For the face, I am a big fan of CHANEL products and I've been using their compact powder for around 5 years and I am not thinking of changing it anytime as it doesn't cause acne breakouts on my face. I used it along with base makeup and the Perfection Lumiere foundation. I highly recommend these CHANEL lines for those of you who have acne prone skin and oily in T-zone areas! I do not wear full makeup everyday so usually I will put on powder, eyeliner, mascara, lipbalm and lipstick for daily simple look.

NARS too have a great deal selections of cosmetics. I have been using NARS award winning blush in color Orgasm for 3 years now and just bought NARS The Happening Palette eyeshadows this month. I would say that I love the eyeshadows, though it's a little too shimmery for day look but it will look great in night time. I didn't really fancy the NARS Laguna bronzer which also included in the palette as it almost does nothing on contouring my face. While for the most favorite and used eyeshadows, that would be everyone's favorite NAKED Palette. To me, I personally like matte eyeshadows and nothing too shimmery so this will be perfect! It has enough numbers of matte and glittery color palette for the eyes so Urban Decay definitely worth all the hypes its getting!

Last but not least, will be the lipbalm and lipstick. I loved the Dior red lipstick though I don't use it that often as the color is pretty daring for everyday look. I tend to use a coral orange colored lipstick for daily makeup look. Enjoy the scroll of products photos!