Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pleats Pants Fever

(Photographed by : Lee Ly, Topshop Pleats Pants, Topshop Scallop Top, FOrever 21 Cross Necklace, Zara strapless brown heels. Forever 21 White Rose ring, Accessorize Bird Gold Triple Ring) Hype this on Lookbook here:


 This look is inspired by the pleats trends. I have been wanting to have something pleated into my wardrobe recently. It supposed to look feminine, nice, beautiful yet simple. The main attraction of this look is definitely the pants (some people thought that I was wearing a skirt here, lol) We are taking photos as we stroll around at Haji Lane that day. Luckily I got my sister who is very patient to take photos of me in that hot sunny day in Singapore. Here are the shots!!!

The last photo would be the one I post in lookbook, thank god that right now it has around 219 hypes!! I know it is not a lot for lookbook hypes but for me I appreciate it very much since I got a breakthrough to 219! I really appreciate the comments given from lookbook fans and getting more fans as well. Thanks very much for this. Anyway, I enjoyed taking these photos together with my sister, Lee Ly and here are the pictures of the scene


LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Though it's a new blog, I can tell that you're not a new blogger! Not like me, I've been writing for years, but in the internet world, I'm new, my blog is new, and never care to make my blog professional looking, hehehe...
Nice combination, pretty colors, pretty ring. (I say this and I'm not ring wearer, too much hassle). I don't follow blogs (I'm technology challenged), but I put you under favorites on my IE.
You're very pretty, btw. :)

LeeAnne, Style N Season

Liana Wibowo said...

Hi LeeAnne, I just saw your comment! THank you for visiting my blog & the compliments! Yes, I just open it around end of May :), will check out your blog soon! :)