Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Bring me to Life"

(Photographed by : Dimas, Black Hat from HK, Topshop WHite socks, Topshop Black Boots, FEMMEX Black peterpan dress, Brown belt, Forever 21 Cross Necklace)

THe photo is taken 14 June which I do not know when we are shooting that it is my photographer's birthday :( Once again, sorry for not realizing and late wishes, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIMAS!" He has been a great help to me, spending his time with me with all the sweat, under the sun, going around here and there, teaching me poses all the time. So I really praise and really happy that I got him as one of my photographer! :))

Anyway I won't say much about this look. Basically when I saw it at FEMMEX store, I could imagine it deep in my head that it can look very gothic or dark feminine look. Initially I wish to nickname it as "Black priestess" who carry a cross ring on her hand, looking all sad, pale who never smiles. But since there is this famous Evanescence song named "Bring me to life" I decided to go with this name. Hype this on lookbook! And do not forget to check out the dress at FEMMEX or FEMMEX online store!


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