Tuesday, July 19, 2011


(Photographer : Liana Wibowo, Editing : Liana Wibowo, Camera : Canon EOS 550D, Lens : 18-55mm standard lens)
All photos are image courtesy of Liana Wibowo & Rudy Lin Photography.
When I just arrived in Bali in 1st July, I woke up early in the morning after a 3am flight arrival just to join the photography team for my first ever wedding shot. I took it half day and as you will see here I keep the images pretty simple, pure, romantic yet appealing. Hearing the stories from Linda, the bride herself made me amazed on how strong their relationship are despite of long distance. Adi lived in America which separate them apart since Linda is in Bali, before they tie the knot. The complete set of the photos can be found in my facebook page with the link here :

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