Sunday, July 3, 2011


Not too long ago after I found Fashiontoast blog through bloglovin, I began to read most popular, interesting blogs which added daily as night-time activity. Interestingly, in each post when they display their style, the quality of the photos are at its best that they could straightaway printed onto fashion magazines. These are what I called high-quality blogs, which I highly recommend as  these offers exciting, excellence contents with terrific photography skills.

Fashion Squad by Carolina Engman is definitely not a new popular blog in fashion blogging scene. When you type her name in google image search, you will find a beautiful, tall blonde girl almost looking flawless, elegant, classy all the time. One thing I find about her is she loves wearing Zara clothes and her style is as beautiful as typical Zara store mannequins! As a new blogger, I wish that someday I can have such classy blog and style like her and create big influence to people. So readers, check out her pictures here and get inspired!


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