Monday, September 12, 2011

H&M on early September

Finally H&M has come to Singapore, planned to go go there on Saturday yet the queue line left me amazed. Perhaps 80% Singapore fashionista is there on Saturday as the crowd went crazy, all I do is watching from afar wondering what about H&M that is so amazing & why it worth waiting in queue for hours. So on Sunday I finally went in and I fell in love with their mannequins! In the end I got two stuffs, the black high waisted shorts on the second picture on the left and a grey round hat on the third picture bottom right. Love neutrals!
This post include some daily shots when my Dad & brother came to Bali last week. I crave for sushi lots of times on early September plus some items my sister gave me from her Korea trip. For those of you who haven't come to H&M Singapore, just telling you that until this date the queue is still on! :DDD


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