Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dresses for Dinners

Several shots taken at one of new places I've been, Gado-Gado. I loved the way the evening sky look here in Bali though I sort of miss the nice blue color sky of Spain. Soon I will be reaching Singapore though, back to my usual routine, ending my whole school holiday. I know I'm gonna miss my hometown, Bali cause being with your family means a lot and this is the place where I'm most comfortable with.
So I went here with my cousins, and my other cousins and my sister.. This is a lovely space, highly recommended for romantic dinners, chill out place or just a place where you wanna hang around with your friends.
I love to dine wearing just a simple dress and sometimes complete the look with a cardigan over it to create a more modest look. That nigh I was wearing my Bamboo Blonde Dress I got in 2010, topped with a Zara white cardigan and Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Hope you love the look!


stephanie gracia said...

looks like you had a great time, and lovely look! :)

Liana Wibowo said...

@ stephanie : yeah i do, thank you stephanie dear! :)