Saturday, March 17, 2012

H&M Conscious Exclusive Glamour Spring Collection 2012

I found this recently on the internet and it took my interests since the Marni x H&M is over here in Singapore. Interestingly, H&M will have another great, fabulous collection coming up in April this year in 100 H&M stores worldwide! I wish that I could finally get one of the maxi dresses in Singapore since I don't queue and spend anything for Marni collection. I gotta say that I agreed to certain blogger sources, claiming that this collection is as beautiful as those of Marni. To me, I personally find it more captivating and attractive, I really like the idea of how the concept is using more sustainable materials like organic cotton and hemp, recycled polyesters and making it into something grand like this!
Definitely will look forward to buy this time! Which dresses that you like among here? I love the first picture most!


WearAbouts said...

I like the short flowery one with longer sleeves and the neon green short one with a poufy skirt. I didn't know about this collection! Now I can't wait! Thanks for a great post :) I'm a new Google Friend follower! <3
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The Scent of Glamour said...

Amazing outfits, especially the last orange dress!!! Great blog!
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Anja said...

Beautiful Blog!!

Flaviana Boni said...

so cool!

jiglycious said...

gorgeous collection
following you now

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jiglycious said...

gorgeous collection
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Gabriele said...

Fabulous! I love neon short dress!!
I really like your blog, dear, so I'm following it now via

have a nice day!

Alina Anghel said...

everything looks gorgeous! xx

GlamorousGirl said...


Jenna Hughes said...

i love the flowy chiffon fabrics

stephanie gracia said...

omg i love all of the collection! especially the long dress, and that flower print dress. amazing pieces!

Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris said...

Wow I really love those geommetrical skirts...I have just discovered your blog, you have a great style and I'm following you now!
Greetings from Spain

vintage process said...

Great pictures!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo stinkin' in love with the orange dress at the bottom. SOOOO PRETTY! And the flower prints are always great!

Mila de Illusoire said...

Lovely post, I love your blog!:-)
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Liana Wibowo said...

I wish April comes faster so i can grab the pink dress already! I hope that the price will be reasonable though