Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sea Inspired!

(Photographed by : Cece Melissa Yi. Vintage Straw Hat, Lace Dress from Bangkok, Black inner dress from Bangkok, Vintage accessorizing)
As always in Pattaya it is always a hot day. We just reached Pattaya City around last week, went there for some water sports activities i.e parasailing, snorkeling. The photo was taken when I was waiting my friends to finish parasailing and unbelievably as we just took them for fun it turns out to be a stunning photo! All that I wear here are new stuffs I just got from Bangkok Trip which I got them for cheaper prices. The trip is awesome! Will put photos of the trip soon!



these photos are just so gorgeous! and i love your amazing lace dress!! now it would definetly be right time to buy one and not just think as I do...:D

Heather said...

OOO love your make-up and your crotchet dress.

WanderLust said...

Absolutely lusting this look!! The dress is adorable :) Great blog- following you!

Lauren said...

omg love!!! xx


.sabo skirt. said...

These are lovely photos.

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

Liana Wibowo said...

Thank you all!! Appreciating all comments here! ;))


Suzie Q said...

Gorgeous! I'm in love with this lace dress. Your blog is so cute =)

Suzie Q

EMA said...

You are so beautiful and your look is great fro; head to toe!

Jennifer said...

Great photos!

xo Jennifer

Borjana said...

Ohhhh!This is so amazing!

his little lady said...

okay, that crotchet dress is beyond perfect!!! love!
xo TJ

Clara Turbay said...

it´s so romantic hand made!

Julie D. said...

I absolutely adore this putfit! The crochet romper/overalls are beautiful.

Hudson East

Liana Wibowo said...

Dear All:

THank you for your lovely comments :))))
Liana, Fashionfelice