Saturday, June 25, 2011


Thanking for featuring me yesterday on their site which you can find the link here:

As a blogger and lookbooker, and people know me more from my lookbook (Not forgetting thank you for all my fans in lookbook behind the hypes), I always feel thankful and appreciative everytime I got emails that offer me either to be blog about their brand, or wanting to interview me for my style as I did not expect anyone would read this blog. Anyway, afterall thank you for the opportunities given.

How did it all blogging started?

Honestly, I didn't blog long enough. It is true that I opened a blogger account since 2008 as blogging are quite booming at the time and there was the time when I thought, "Why won't I open my own blog?" So the first thing to be done is to change the layout themes, got excited for blog names and after two days it just didn't matter to me anymore. It occured to me last time that I even forgot that I do have a blogspot!

So, my first fashion blog that I truly give passion for is In November 2010, since I saw Tricia Gosingtian (she's a Filipino Chinese fashion blogger) I decided to really put in my time for blogging. In January 2011, it attracted 100+ followers and today I could see 190 followers in my tumblr account which I knew it isn't a big amount but still, thank you for loving my blog and following my blog! 

In 31st May 2011, herflawlessface.blogspot was born. I decided to change platform to blogspot since it has this google friend and I sort of feel that blogging here is easier than in tumblr? (No offense to tumblr lovers though). And so I promised to update this blog more often, giving useful, creative contents here and have much more passion as a style blogger


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