Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Unboxing Macbook Pro

I've got this two days ago with Maria at Bugis Junction Epicentre. I heard their promotion from one of my housemate, Nadia - soon to be roommate about it and it exactly at the right time when I needed a new laptop the most. My 5 year-old Acer is no longer functioning and soon need to go under operation as the sound isn't coming out from its speakers even with my headset. The webcam makes me unable to skype-ing with anyone and it keep turns me off. Can you imagine having a laptop with no sound and no webcam plus slow internet connection? Almost equal to a dead computer...

Believe me that people nowadays can't live without internet connection. We rely too much on cellphones, with almost 24 hour with it plus facebook, twitter which affects and playing major roles in our life to basically connect with others. That includes me! I am on the internet almost all time and luckily my eyes didn't get affected. Hereby I am sharing the UNBOXING of my Baby-Mac. The name is Baby-Mac! Yup! It's a 13 inch with free 8GB upgraded RAM plus extra accessories like the mouse, screen and keyboard protectors etc. Sadly I couldn't exchange the case into something "pink" rather than common black color. See BABY-MAC here:

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