Sunday, August 28, 2011

15 minutes feat 4 fingers Bonchon

15 minutes is a cafe at the first level of my school, LASALLE College of the arts. I really love the ambiance, through its simplicity and choices of food even though they are slightly expensive. It occurs to me that I've been visiting there around 4 times in August, the second time having my brunch there with my Korean friends. Sadly, I am planning to go Spain instead of Korea so most likely I won't be seeing them around anymore :( Take care eonnies!

While I've craved so much about bonchon ever since it was introduced to me on end of July through my old friend, Prat. That was the first time I tasted it and we shared 6 pieces with 4 of us and left me wonder why it taste sooo good! That place leave me returning every time and cravings at least every single week. So last weekend I went there with my lovely sister (who's leaving to Korea today, wish I can join her though)and we got them in 12 pieces + fries + coke. Life is indeed very enjoyable!



love your blog!
can u visit mine? & follow me if u want! thaaanks

Liana Wibowo said...

thank you for visiting the blog. Will check out yours!