Friday, September 2, 2011

Few things..

This is gonna be the first blog update on September. In the very first days of this month, I'll be busy as I got my dad coming, birthday event, photo shoot are coming up too. There are few things too that I would like to post as there are now new stuffs arrived for my wardrobe. We got new bag, new dress, new shoes and I'll be posting new look soon!
1 & 2 New River Island Bag which I get to fit my laptop in my bag. I like the white greyish fur linings too
3. My all time leather jacket that can goes with almost anything
4. A new Femmex dress.Actually the dress is short sleeve, but because someone iron the sleeve part then it got burnt. So we have to crop and alter both sleeves :(
5. A new box coming in last month, new shoes :)
6. Unboxing, we have Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Taupe Suede!
7. Another shot on my new Litas
8. Another another SHOT of my new LITAS!
9. My makeup & hair equipments collection, this is half of it
10. I injured my left hand just yesterday after accidentally fall when I walked to school. Today I got it bandaged
11. Aftermath of yesterday's accident, one of my leggings got spoiled and cause painful toes! Next time I shall be more careful :)

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