Saturday, August 6, 2011


There are things like food, equipments, my Baby Mac of course that added to my life daily. I call them as "daily stuffs", things that you can't live without, things that you treasure and those stuffs that you always use everyday. They not need to be  expensive like as you can see in these images, I eat bread almost everyday with the Skippy and extra butter. I love Seaweed and eat the "nori" one pack everyday, and recently my housemate Nita introduced me to Swissmiss that I bought marshmallows to accompany them. The second last image would be Karen, she is also someone that I see daily because she is my roommate <3 They are all amazing especially for the 4 fingers bonchon. I could eat the whole 6 piece box by myself even though it costs SGD8 per box! Completely recommending them! Lastly, Nando's specialty chicken

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