Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meeting new people

I believe people meet for certain reasons and they are controlled by fate. Each year, we always find new people, new changes even bad or good, they are a part of our memories and lessons in life. I moved houses around this April and at first, I was sad because my two good friends (ex housemates) are returning to Bali and I won't be living with them this year.
We've been together, four of us for almost 2 years and a half, they are like family to me. I was scared I won't get to know nice housemates like them again until on May I realized now I do have amazing new ones too. We were going out watching "Captain America" last Saturday night. I got no more 3 housemates, but like 9 housemates right now. The feeling is different, it's more crowded and it's more cheerful with the same amount of fun...

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