Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Red Blazer + Neon Yellow

(Photographed by : Dimas Kelvianto, Zara Salmon Red Blazer, Femmex black collared top, Bershka Black Skinny jeans, Vintage belt, HK Black Hat, Femmex Neon Yellow Bag, Guess Black Stilettos)
Maybe I've ever mention that I am not a really color blocking person. I knew it is still trending and people are getting colorful stuffs so this month I will follow the trend. Color blocking is fine, but not too daring... Orange + Green? nope.. Blue + Pink? Nope, I've tried to match the colors in my head before this until my mind is set into colors in the warm palette which either Red, Orange or Yellow. Why not Red + Yellow? We add neon yellow instead? Equals to perfecto!
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Gita Regina said...

I've followed your blog, can you follow me back? If u dont mind anyway ? :3
Btw, I love this look <3

Liana Wibowo said...

wow, you are a lookbooker too? salam kenal