Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Au Petit Salut..

Another set of posts capturing my everyday routine.. As you know that now I began to study interior design and no longer working as full time designer, it gives me a sudden shock as my daily activities changes to days of going to library, finishing assignments in last minute, printing articles and certain group projects that require brain works. This is how a real interior design BA student shall foresee though, the endless to do list and overworked nights... So me and my classmates that night decided to went for a fine dinner at Au Petit Salut since we got free time :)
The first picture would be the Crispy confit, it's a duck as Au Petit Salut serves French food. I love this dish, especially the skin along with the last dessert we were having. There are four of us, the lady in red is Marsha, the one wears yellow is Vania (I just met her), the smiling girl with peachy blazer is Lidya while the one who accidentally wears lace like me is Laura. I hope I'll be visiting another fine restaurants next time.... when I have free time :)

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