Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year 2012!

Tonight has been an incredible night! So after I'm done playing with fireworks tonight to celebrate the last day of 2011, now I sit in front of my Mac and updating this blog with much excitement! To me 2011 has been an incredible year, and now we have come to 2012 on Sunday! I wish everyone to have a good day and have a good sleep after you're done partying tonight! 

Just quick updates on whats going on for my new year night! :
1. Having a family Chinese dinner!
 The food was great with 10 types of dish i.e lobsters, crabs, squids.. I still feel so full right now!! I wore pretty much too simple maybe.. Just an old Bamboo Blonde red dress that is meant to be used for last year's Christmas and unmatching flip - flops. Such a wrong combination for new year's night~~
2. Playing with fireworks at garage in the mid of the night! 
Thanks to my uncle and cousins who prepared these before and we were having lots of fun just now, taking photos of each other! 

I opt not to go out partying because there is a huge traffic jam here as always each year :) How is your new year guys? Happy new year to fashionfelice, to our readers/followers here and you for reading this tonight! >___<

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stephanie gracia said...

Happy new year! lovely post :)