Thursday, January 26, 2012

Night out at Batam

Dear readers! Sorry for long updates as I am busy during the Chinese New Year season. I don't return to Bali this time, but spending my holidays at Batam with my fellow housemates. These are the photos when we just arrived at the hotel and eat buffet. I love the food, the environment that reminds me of Bali. Will be uploading more shots soon!


Natalie Leung said...

very cute post :)


alice san said...

very cute post n i bet you have a great time with spending with u friends. :)

AN3 said...

Cute photos! :)

Liana Wibowo said...

@natalie : thank you
@alice : yeah, i really do
@AN3 : thank you for coming here and commenting!

pricillia lumantoro said...

Nice picts!
Thanks for the comment
Follow each other?;)

Jelisaveta Djukanovic said...

Beautiful! :)