Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Second Chances

(Photographed by : Madz Genato, Topshop Leather Jacket, Femmex Black Asymmetrical Dress, Bamboo Blonde double silver necklace, Jeffrey Campbell Mariel Wedge lookalike, Fringe bag borrowed from Lee Ly)
"Sometimes we get second chances.."
"And sometimes, we never make it past the first"
"It really makes you wonder why some things happen when they do"
- Michelle Branch second chances -

This look is inspired by "chances". Everyone always get a chance to express oneself, to voice out his/her opinions to everybody. This is my opinion on how I should wear my jacket with feminism still attached. Thus it relates to my self-claimed "feminine-chic" style where I mixed something strong with a beautiful dress and rocky wedges. When we are at fault and do something wrong, sometimes we get second chances. And since we have the second time, make sure you do better... much much better...

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fhenny said...

this is so adorable! love the dress much
you stay in singapore as well?


Liana Wibowo said...

Hi fhenny! Thank you for visiting my blog! :) yes, I stay in Singapore